Petpooja Restaurant Billing Software. Description, pricing and review

Petpooja Restaurant Billing Software. Description, pricing and review


is a point of sale billing software used for restaurant management. It comes equipped with a host of features such as menu management, live table view, category linked KOT printing multi-stage, etc. which helps manage a restaurant efficiently. Petpooja is a highly customizable software which can be modified to fit the users need and can seamlessly integrate with any existent technology.

In this Software you can manage your billing integration with leading online food delivery apps Zomato and Swiggy so that you can manage all billing related things in one screen. You will get new order updates too in this software whenever someone orders food from Zomato or Swiggy. This can be integrated with payment gateways like Google Pay (Gpay), Paytm and more technoloies like Dunzo, DotPe, Amazon Food, Tally, SAP, Thrive etc.

online ordering aggregators and tag item as veg as non-veg. Petpooja merchant app can set separate menus for dine-in, delivery, and online portals. You can set discounts on order types like dine-in or delivery. Petpooja POS can configure forward and backward taxes. You can also get comprehensive tax reporting with GST bifurcation and HSN codes. Petpooja billing software has an on-the-go app-based reporting system so that you always know what’s happening in your restaurant.

This software is available for both Windows and Mac users.



This Software comes with a Standard Package of Rs. 10,000 per year for the first time and Rs. 7,500 for every renewable year for each individual outlet/account.

There are more two packages PetPooja+ and PetPooja Pro which has more features than standard package.

Conclusion and Opinion

So, to be honest this is the best desktop software ever for small restaurants with cheap packages and more functionality. With the great team support and easy to use User Interface this software provides really amazing services. In my opinion, if you are a startup restaurant or a cloud kitchen you must go with this software.

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